Robots & More Robots

If your love of robots is anything like my love of robots, then you'll find these doodads just as smile-inducing as I do. From top left clockwise, we've got a toilet paper holder, a corkscrew, an incense burner and a tape measure. And if you're looking for a full-scale robot invasion, this is just the exploratory team.
@ General Robots, all goodies shown range from £6-£40.


Camper Bike

Camper Bike is an utterly wonderful sculptural piece built by Brooklyn artist Kevin Cyr. I can't get a sense of the scale, but hope it's life size. [via swiss miss]


Tin Animals from Zimbabwe

A pop of color. A rare find. An eco-friendly tchotchke with both kid & adult appeal.
This magical menagerie of recycled tin animals is handcrafted from scrap metal and soda cans by artists in Zimbabwe. These bright little critters were found by a curated boutique & gallery affiliated with LA’s Craft and Folk Art Museum, which helps sustain small arts collectives around the world.
@ The Egg & The Eye, $45


Emu Ivy Sofa

Italian designer Paolo Navone was inspired by the ancient art of topiary -- the ornamental pruning of trees and hedges -- when she created this indoor/outdoor series made with woven steel mesh. I love the airy, minimal effect of her Emu Ivy "furniture sculptures" -- a series which includes the loveseat & side chairs, a table and ottomans. It'd be interesting to see this one in green, because it may simply disappear into the background.
@ Coalesse, $3,340


What To Do With Old Perfume?

When it comes to spring cleaning, I try to stick by a simple rule: If I haven't used something in the past year, it's time to sell it, donate it or throw it out. But each year, I'm stumped by bottles of old perfume.
They aren't the kind of thing you donate, but still too aromatic to toss out. After a bit of online research, here's what I found:


Most homemade bath salt recipes -- like this one from a site named Picnic -- call for essential oils and perfume is generally a fine substitute.


Place a few drops of perfume in a pan with some water and simmer gently for an herbal steam. Toss in some petals for a stronger scent and the fragrance should permeate your home.

Another common suggestion is to use old perfume to revive potpourri. Since many of us don't use potpourri, I spritzed some onto a few collections of rocks and beach glass I display in glass containers in lieu of flowers and twigs. It worked reasonably well, but dissipated quickly.

I've also wondered if its a possible to put reeds in a bottle of perfume to diffuse the fragrance. Has anyone tried it? How did it work?


Hi + Lo: Slipcovered Chairs

high: natural linen armchair @ wisteria, $1,300

Slipcovers are strongly favored by those of with messy kids and/or even messier pets for the obvious reason: You can toss 'em in the laundry machine to get rid of spills and the inevitable layer of pet fuzz. Placed in a sunny corner, a chair like one of these is ideal for a curling up with good book and a hot mug of tea and dozing off for an afternoon snooze. That is, if you can pry off any fur kids living in your home long enough to sit down.

low: khaki luxe slipcover chair @ world market, $250


G-1 Glass Top Pool Table

Seems like the main question here is whether it's possible to put some English on a glass-top pool table. According to the designers, the playing surface replicates the rolling resistance of felt. And the transparent surface -- which offers the advantage of seeing angles on the supporting beams -- may make it easier to visualize a tricky bank shot into a corner pocket. Plus, watching the ball return is pretty cool, too.
@ Nottage Design.


Trend Spy: Bare Bulbs

milk glass operating light @anthropologie, from $698; menlo lamp @anthropologie, $148; definace ceiling light @schoolhouse electric, $89; roost workshop cage pendant @velocity, $163.

Ooh la-la. These fixtures have slipped out of their shades and bared all. While some find the glare of bare bulbs to be off-putting, we like the clash between industrial chic and old-fashioned simplicity here. From chandeliers to bedside lamps, exposed bulbs are flashing their filaments for the world to see. And appreciate.

duncan table task lamp @pottery barn, $199; ball of twine lamp @ etsy, $40; c. 1900 train station swing arm lamp @ restoration hardware, from $159; lyon ceiling lamp @ schoolhouse electric, $85.


Overscale Office Supplies

Made of polished steel, wood and real bristles, these giant school supplies are faithfully styled to look exactly like the tiny originals. Although I'm guessing that the scissors and eraser may not actually work. And the ruler may be not be entirely accurate. If you're looking for more oversized home accessories, you'll find more here.
@ Three Doors Down, $100-$200 (plus shipping from Australia)


Jessica Polka's Wunderkammer

What happens when you cross a passion for the natural sciences with crochet skills? The answer -- as you can see from the works by Jessica Polka -- are crocheted specimens from the natural world.

Her subjects encompass sea life, bacteriology, molecular and protein structures and the result are these amazing little crocheted pieces that are sure to delight science geeks everywhere. You can see more of Jessica's work her blog, Wunderkammer, and many of her pieces are inspired by the classic illustrations of Albertus Seba.
Crochet patterns @ Etsy
Crochet squid @ Cog & Pearl, $35
Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities @Amazon

A Sampler of Bacterial Microbiology

Crocheted Protein Structures

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