Nook: Bloody Goods


Bloody Goods

Blame it on the Hollywood vampire infestation. While we're fans of True Blood, we can't say the same for this grisly design sensibility. Like horror flicks, bloody furniture probably looks a whole lot better on a screen.

That said, the shower curtain is inspired (imagine if they put it in hotels) and that table is one of the most amazing pieces of furniture we've seen in while. Dracula would be jealous.

[via Toxel, where they have lots of other examples.]


CosmoK said...

Wasn't this part of a "Dexter" themed photo shoot last year? It's certainly not a part of True Blood, even though I'm a fan.

Su said...

Not sure about its origins, CosmoK... but Toxel may have more info.
I just assumed it was a trend, as individual designers picked up on the vampire themes in pop culture.

But serial killers could be behind it too!

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