Nook: Simplified: The Deconstructred Clock


Simplified: The Deconstructred Clock

The modern clock -- actually, the post-modern clock -- has been pared down, hollowed out, chopped up and/or re-arranged. And after all that abuse, it turns out that the outcome is not bad at all. Below, some looks we like:

Baroque minimalism
Innermost Floridium Crystal @ Design Public, $255
Grandfather decal with functional clock @ Chiasso, $38
Modern gears @ Wrapables, $39

Elements of surprise
Peek clock @ Chiasso, $74
Freeform color blocks @ Chiasso, $88
Infinity clock @ Uncommon Goods, $35

Jonas Damon Numbers @ Design Public, $100
Progetti Sri rnd_time @ Unica Home, $232
Grandfather clock @ Uncommon Goods, $120

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