Nook: Planika Coffee Table Firepits


Planika Coffee Table Firepits

Aren't these coffee table/ in-home fire pits incredible? They're from Planika Fires, a company that has developed a way to prevent fire from filling the house with smoke and covering the walls in soot. The secret is Fanola, a green, renewable energy source that is smoke- and odor-free. We're not sure if these guys have actually figured out how to defy the laws of matter, but the table pits are so fantastic, we're not worried.
@Planika Fires, $n/a


Pillpusher said...

OMG! I love

One Ford Road said...

I have never seen anything like this, its awesome!

<3 Lindsay

Anonymous said...

Planika does not sell them but I did buy one from

Anonymous said...

See also ChanticoUSA online store a brand of Planika.

Anonymous said...

Planika sells online but in diffrent brand name. Look for Chantico USA.

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