Nook: Re-Vive Insta-Table Legs


Re-Vive Insta-Table Legs

Here is a simple concept for tables that demonstrates just how smart and sustainable good design can be. These Re-vive clamps quickly attach to glass, wood, books, surfboards or any other rigid surface -- to create an instant table.

The legs are shipped without a surface, encouraging people to re-purpose something that might otherwise get tossed. Cohda, the UK designers have set up a gallery showcasing the many ways to use the legs.

Imagine the possibilities. Instant bar + snack table for a party. Instant table for a Scrabble marathon. Instant desk during crunch time. Instant kiddie table at Thanksgiving. The list goes on....

If Re-vive legs work as claimed, we predict they'll become a mainstay in cramped quarters everywhere. Available Aug. 3.
@ Branch, $160


Emiliano Brinci Designer said...

Now is on

Anonymous said...

this idea is stolen

Sucasa said...

Let us know where you first saw it...

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