Nook: Back to School Week: Desktop Doodads


Back to School Week: Desktop Doodads

What's that saying about God the devil great design being in the details? We think these cute, useful desktop items illustrate that point perfectly.

Top row:
Pixel pencils @ Fred Flare, $10
Cavallini sticky notes @ Anthropologie, $14
Robot pencil sharpener @ Blue Ribbon General Store, $8

Middle row:
Cavallini jumbo erasers @ Kate's Paperie, $3
Temperature task clips @ Blue Ribbon General Store, $
Cavallini desktop calendar @ Anthropologie, $13

Bottom row:
Talk bubble paperclips @ Perpetual Kid, $7
Hanger magnet set (holds pens, keys, stickies) @ Wrapables, $13
Elephant paper clips @ MoMA, $7

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Rachel said...

Kinda makes me wish I was back in school. Kinda...

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