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Barnyard Chic

The animals must be running the zoo. Or at least they've inspired designers to transform their hoofs, paws, feathers and heads into high-style, collectible furnishings.

Antique dealers will tell you that furniture with carved animal feet and hooves have been around since at least ancient Egypt. A few of the designs above (the Traccia table, the sheep stool) are considered classics, dating back to the '70s or thereabouts.

Still, we're not convinced we'd want critters and their various limbs in our home (barns do exist for a reason). But in the right space, these anthropomorphic styles could be dazzling.

Top row:
Moooi horse lamp @Hive Modern, $6,542
Ibride Sultan dog stool in glossy red @ Burke Decor, $435
Ajax dining side chair @ Oly

Middle row:
Ari side table @ Oly
Moooi rabbit lamps @ Modern Nest, $423
Meret Oppenhein Traccia table @ Unica Home, $3,211

Bottom row:
Moooi pig table @ All Modern, $2,070
Sheep stool @ Moss, $1,200
Ostrich side table @ The Future Perfect, $549

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