Nook: Deer Heads, Revisited


Deer Heads, Revisited

Apparently, we're not the only ones who are kinda over the trophy deer head trend. Crafters have decided to put their own spin on things, and here are a few amazing ways that they're giving them a second life.

The top image, and the two below are from Ruby's Lounge on Etsy. She's got several other fantastic examples on her site, which are all part of the artists' Handmade Wilderness series. The deer, made with resin and paper, are pretty incredible.

[Images from Ruby's Lounge]

The deer head has also been re-thought the deer head in terms of needles -- knitting and otherwise.

This is a cable knit version created by Rachel Denny. Her work was previously for sale, but we can't find a site that sells it now. Her work has featured on Design Milk and other design blogs.

The image below is an embroidered version we spotted on Craftzine.
If this is something you'd like to try, the designer explains how she created the piece on her blog, doe-c-doe.

And the last two images are re-imagined versions of a cardboard deer head. The red one appears in a craft book called Dorm Decor. It's made with foam core, and served as the inspiration for the turquoise deer head. The author of the Knits and Pieces blog didn't resort to cardboard or foam core. She hand-crafted it using wood, power tools, then covered with flocked paper.

One thing is clear. There's some great hunting out there if you're looking for twist on a trophy deer head. And it's the kind that doesn't injure animals.

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