Nook: Style Counsel: Aimee Wilder on Bold Graphics


Style Counsel: Aimee Wilder on Bold Graphics

New York designer Aimee Wilder has an incredible sense for big, bold, eye-catching graphics. Her amazing wallpaper designs feature robots, cassette tapes, Sumo wrestlers, pigeons and equally audacious patterns. Her design fearlessness comes from experience; Aimee has worked with Dwell, Martha Stewart Living, Crate and Barrel and many other prominent style-makers.

We're totally smitten with Aimee's hip, canny style but, honestly, we're kind of timid when it comes to wallpaper.
So, we invited her to share some tips, and we're thrilled by her savvy suggestions about designing with strong graphics.

In the first of our periodic Style Counsel series, here are few tips from Aimee:

1. Maximalism vs. minimalism
I wouldn't integrate more than one conversational piece at a time. If you're putting bold pattern on the wall, down play other textiles in the room. Use solid, complementary colors or non-competing geometrics on your furniture or bed linens. Then supplement the room with throws, pillows and smaller items that have pattern or textures.

[Close up of Pigeon and room view]

2. Mix old and new
Combine vintage furniture with modern textiles. Place a vintage bureau or wardrobe against a contemporary wallpaper. Or put a modern chair against a retro wallpaper. Mixing one era or style with another balances the room, while the contrast makes each item stand out.

[Analog Nights, same pattern as these awesome pillows]

3. Think Global
A globe, a rice paper lamp, a hand-crocheted afghan or vintage toys would make great, colorful accent to a child's room that decorated with wallpaper like Robots or Analog Nights. They'd give the room a rounded and more dynamic look.

[Sumo, check out the close-up below]

Have Fun

Play with your space. Don't be afraid! If you have an idea that you think would be cool, it probably is. Go for it!


A few more swatches.... check out Aimee's site for other fantastic great patterns.

[Robots in blue, Leaf Damask, Sumo close-up]

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nicolette said...

The decors are very unique. Of course, there's also the wallpapers. Really amazing


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