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Giant Wall Decals

We're impressed with these over-scale vinyl decals which are sized to span a 12x10 -foot wall. They make it possible to dramatically alter a room (dorm room?) in a couple hours' time.

The top image is called Down the Rabbit Hole, and should only be used if you're not prone to vertigo. Our personal favorite is the cartoon version of NYC's Upper West Side. If Muhammad can't go to Manhattan ....

Baby Geared has several other designs (ocean maps, animal skeletons, giant psychedelic flower), and all them make it possible to live in fantasy world... if you can afford the fantasy.
@ Baby Geared, $850.


Eve said...

There is no doubt, wall stickers are a great way to decorate. We offer theme rooms for children! You can buy pieces individually or as as a whole set. They are printed in the USA on durable fabric.

Sucasa said...

Editor's Note: Normally we moderate comments so people can't pitch their products on our sites.

But we checked out the site in the above comment, and there are some cute sticker options for kids, including the Monster, Choo-choo and travel sets.

ruben said...

hi, we're a other option in wall vinyl, i hope you like it!

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