Nook: Simplified: Docking + Charging Stations


Simplified: Docking + Charging Stations

We've been looking for a simple, tidy little home to contain phones, iPods and such, and we're surprised to find so few creative options at the moment. Especially considering all the diverse (and sometimes nutty) styles for charger/speakers that are everywhere.

That said, however, docking stations are a relatively new concept, we're looking forward to the designs that are around the corner.

Sanctuary @ Blue Lounge, $150
Grassy Lawn @ Think Geek, $25
Laquer and mini stations @ West Elm (with a snazzy site update), $59/$35
Smart Charging Staion @ PB Teen, $60
Load-Ding station @ Delight, $15
Tree of Charge @ Radius-Design, €59
Socket Pocket @ Think Geek, $7

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