Nook: Simplified: Poufs


Simplified: Poufs

Our sister site, Opaline did a fun piece on poufs yesterday, and we're plagiarizing borrowing it.

Poufs (in case you couldn't tell by their name) are the imps of the furniture world. They're cheeky, high-spirited and generally fun to have around. They're never -- or should never be -- too serious or well-behaved. Instead, they're a perfect way to infuse a little merriment into any room, no matter how formal it aspires to be.
Here are a few that capture the spirit:
Clockwise, from left:

Lana wool ottoman @Modern Dose, $395
Missoni cube @ Unica Home, $490
Marimekko Fat Boy @ Zwello, $300
Sweet 40 @ Gervasoni Spa [via Design Milk]

Flora pouf @ Modern Dose, $550
Milos @ Moss, $1,700
Sheepskin, dhurri & hemp poufs @ West Elm, $190

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