Nook: Trend Spy: Matryoshkas (Russian Nesting Dolls)


Trend Spy: Matryoshkas (Russian Nesting Dolls)

Call them Russian nesting dolls. Or babushkas. We call them matryoshkas, and we're seeing them everywhere. Our favorite versions are the ones that tweak the carved Old World dolls so that they reflect life in 21st century.

Clockwise, from left:
Thomas Paul melamine plates @ Velocity, $28
Measuring cup set @ Anthropologie, $28
Computer icon set and iPhone wallpapers @ Ben Schlitter's blog [via Swiss-Miss]
Maxim Velčovský Matroska set @ Qubus
Pantone dolls in fading colors @ Yar Rassadin Design
Bit, byte...terabyte memory dolls @ Art Lebedev [via Jars of Cute]
Packing tape @ Fred Flare, $10
Cotton dish towel @ To Dry For, £10

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