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Inspiration: Legos

You may have heard about the life-size Lego house that's actually being built with real Lego bricks. The project -- which requires more Legos than we'd even realized are on the planet -- is a part of a BBC series hosted by James May. We first read about this inspired, nutty endeavor at Designboom, and it occurred to us that Lego is having a major moment.

If you live in a Lego house, you can furnish it with Lunablocks, made by the French company, Lunatic Construction. Lunablocks come in glass, metal, acrylic and other finishes. If they'd make them in wool felt, the possibilities would be endless.

One of the most amazing concepts (maybe even more than the house) are several intricate Lego sculptures by well-known Lego artist Nathan Sawaya. You have to check out his gallery to believe the range of things than can be Lego-ized.

Ah, but all this is just the tip of the Lego-shaped ice-brick. At Droog, we found this chair, made entirely with Legos, that's an homage to Gerrit Rietveld's iconic Red/Blue chair. We also liked this pretty ceramic dishware set by Vincius Zarpelon & team. We love the the slightly-off colors in the ceramics. Or maybe it's just a welcome change from all the primary colors.

There are also countless Lego-inspired gadgets and gear, from iPod speakers to ice-cube molds. Check out the Lego store and there's also an amazing list at If It's Not Hip, It's Here. Here are some that caught our eye.

Kitchen storage set........... Calculator .................. Magnets

Coasters ...................... Brick Candles ................ Corkscrew
And if you'd rather put your inner child to work, Apartment Therapy has some great ideas for DIY Lego kitchen crafts. Whew! We're done with Legos for a while.

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