Nook: New Yorker Covers by Bob Staake


New Yorker Covers by Bob Staake

A minor confession: We keep some New Yorker magazines on our coffee table long after we've read them, just for the aesthetic value of the covers. The ones often that stick around the longest are designed by illustrator Bob Staake.

Take the now-famous Nov. 17, 2008 issue to commemorate Obama's historic election win. That issue stayed on our coffee table till after April.

Even now, we're blown away by its minimalism. Staake showed us how the 'simplest' of covers brilliantly captured a profound, powerful moment for this country. Clearly, this is an artist who understands that smart editing is the secret to a great design, and a great design can convey far more than a 1,000 words.

Here's a fun video called 'The Creation of a New Yorker Cover' that gives us a glimpse of Staake's creative process, and below that, a few more of his fantastic covers.


Josh said...

Reminds of this video of a New Yorker cover created with an iPod app.

Sucasa said...

Wow... pretty impressive to think that all he needed was an iPhone.

Thanks for the link, Josh!

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