Nook: Trend Spy: Helping Hands


Trend Spy: Helping Hands

Is it just us, or is there something kind of creepy about disembodied hands that are ready to do one's bidding? Right now, accomodating hands seem to be reaching out everywhere to perform helpful tasks, like holding jewelry, soap, flowers and iPhones.

Personally, we're not rushing to mount hands to our walls or prop them around the house, but it is a cool trend to observe... especially as Halloween approaches.
Above: Chiromancy hand print @ Sundance, $1,300

1. Cast iron hands for jewelry @ Sundance, $38; 2. Artist hand models by Roost @ Velocity, $40; 3. Ceramic hand jewelry stand @ UO, $18; 4. Harry Allen hand hooks @ Design Public, $75; 5. Red hot hands @ The Other Edge; 6. Jonathan Adler hands @ Jonathan Adler, $225; 7. Open hands sculpture @ Sundance, $98; 8. Talk to the Hand Sticky Notes @ Perpetual Kid, $7; 9. Jonathan Adler blue hand bookends @ Barnes & Noble, $13; 10. Offi 2 OK Hands pillow @ Mod Livin, $59.

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