Nook: Trend Spy: Sharpie + Magic Marker Walls


Trend Spy: Sharpie + Magic Marker Walls

We spotted these walls designed by London artist Charlotte Mann and her handy magic marker earlier today at Freshome, and realized that a mini-trend is in the works: Drawing on walls with a Sharpie to create astonishing murals.

Mann is shortlisted for the British Design Awards 2009 in the Surface Design of the Year, and it's easy to see why. We're simply blown away by her work, and inspired to buy a few Sharpies and roll up our sleeves.

Her work instantly reminded us of Charlie Kratzer's incredible basement murals that popped up on design blogs a a few months back. He created these DIY masterpieces for about $10, the cost of a few Sharpies.

Amateur artist Kratzer scribbled vibrant scenes into each corner of this stunning DIY library. Check out more images. If you'd like to get a sense of the scope of his project, take the visual tour posted up at the Lexington Herald Leader


We also came across this lovely, shimmering hallway design, created by a creative homeowner named Kelli with a gold Sharpie, a steady hand and, of course, the guts to scribble on a wall. She explains the details on her blog, Scraplog. Her simple design turned out beautifully, and we're inspired to try it ourselves.

Here's a final examples of the trend from Yes and Yes. In this case, some vases and a Sharpie lead to a wholly original meadow. We're don't have the nerve to try this ourselves, but we certainly admire the concept.

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