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Vintage Style Parlor Games

Games of strategy, chance and skill can bring a design bonus to a room, especially when they've got a vintage feel. Dart boards, backgammon and chess sets are well-established decor items. And we've seen croquet and bowling pins on mantles, as well as colorful carom boards and Chinese checkerboards hung on the walls of a studio or family room. Similarly, primitive Parcheesi and checkerboards can also look amazing on a wall. And there's an added benefit: The games are also fun to play.

Above: Game of six pins, $70 and Changeable Portraits, $25 @ Victoria Trading Co.; Bauhaus chess board @ MoMA, $230 Carrom board game @ Overstock, $36. Below: Folk art game boards @ Wisteria, $64 each/$229 set of 4.

1. Eames house of cards @ MoMA, $25; 2. Indoor bocce ball set @ Boho Bocce, $65; 3. Antique style bingo game @ Victorian Trading Co., $50; 4. Bar, cafe and plane bingo @ Perpetual Kid, $86; 5. Head Games puzzle blocks @ SF MOMA, $25; 6. Crisloid cage bingo set @ Zontik, $143; 7. Vasa cube set @ MoMA, $350; 8. Umbra wobble chess set @ Velocity, $250; 9. Ancien Tarot de Marseilles and Parlour Sibyl @ Amazon, from $23; 10. Stretch Run Derby @ Victorian Trading Co., $25.

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