Nook: Map Carpet by Harry Allen


Map Carpet by Harry Allen

This wonderful Harry Allen carpet, sold at Dune, stemmed from an old childhood memory of playing on an Oriental rug at his grandmother's home. On his site, he explains:

When my brother and I were kids, we'd play with toys on the rug like it was a big map. Blue became the sea and red was land. [Maps] are a play on scale. The viewer becomes a giant with an aerial view.
We love - LOVE - the map-as-rug concept, but, unfortunately, it hasn't seemed to catch on as a broad trend (as far as we know). Allen designed this back in 2001, and perhaps he was just ahead of his time. We think that both this and Liz Eeuwes topography rugs are fantastic, visual feasts. And imagine how amazing faded vintage or antique maps might look as the inspiration for rugs. (Designers: hint, hint?)

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