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Hi*2*Lo: Crystal & Marble Lamps

High: Rock Crystal Lamp @ Anthropologie, $2,200 (without the shade) and Belgravia Table Lamp @ Circa Lighting, $2,100

Marble and quartz crystal lamps -- left in their naturally dramatic state -- have so much presence that they could easily become the focal point in a room. In that sense, splurging on one of these striking beauties could make a room. Then again, if spending $2K on a lamp sounds totally nuts, there are far more affordable options.

Low: Rock Table Lamp @ West Elm, $149 and Pierre Accent Lamp @ Crate & Barrel, $149.

Even though posting examples -- but not prices -- of similar lamps goes against the whole Hi*2*Lo idea, we couldn't resist telling you about these. They're part of the Empel Collection's Yellowstone series. They're custom-made and priced on request... we suspect that if we have to ask, we probably couldn't afford them. Still, these are beautiful, as is the entire collection.

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smarty said...

They seem to be expensive ,even then they are gorgeous.cant resist to buy one.

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