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Munkii Vintage Bookshelf

Modern and classic. Silhouettes and cut-outs. Glossy white and reddish-brown color combo. Eco-friendly. Is there any hot trend that Singapore-based designers Munkii missed when they designed this fantastic bookcase? In fact, we think they've done this so well, it'll stand the test of time once the trends are played out. This is one of the few pieces we'd be proud to put in any room of our house. In our minds, it's a bit of a masterpiece.
@ Munkii
[via Design Milk]


Anonymous said...

I think this look amazing. But it looks like a giant pinch from your wallet. i guess it will definately be too expensive for me to afford.
5k - 6k USD?
Anyways its one of those furniture that my guests will surely know i paid through my nose to owe it LOL. maybe that alone is damn worth it!

Sucasa said...

I didn't find a price when I poked around their site... but $5K+ is pretty steep! Too expensive for me too :(

Anonymous said...

Oh sucasa, just got a reply from the Singapore retailer munki. Fortunately, they quote the price below 3k USD inclusive of freight! Which i believe is pretty reasonable given that it is full MDF, the shelf alone will cost a bomb to freight.

As I work in the engineering industry, i kinda know that it will take a lot of work to put this together. Still deciding if i should get this for my apartment....
(unless my wife starts getting involved in the thinking process!)

Sucasa said...

Now I'm thinking about getting it too!

(Although now that you mention assembly... I probably should factor in buying beer and pizzas to bribe some handy friends!)

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