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Simplified: Clothes Hangers

Wire hangers, if you've seen Mommie Dearest, are not to tolerated and the folks at Real Simple definitely agree. Good hangers, they say, protect your clothes and extend their life. We rounded up some hanger how-tos from Real Simple and the Container Store, and discovered it may be time to upgrade from our basic white, plastic hangers.

Great for suits, coats and other heavy clothes, because they won't bow in the center. Cedar hangers absorb moisture and ward off moths, so use them for coat closets and storage. Bamboo hangers are eco-friendly.
Cons: They take up more room and can make a closet feel cramped.

Pros: Chic, urban look and slim profile makes metal hangers ideal for small closets.
Cons: The slim profile can leave creases and impressions in knits and other fabrics.

Pros: Inexpensive, basic and perfect for lighter clothes, like T-shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts and blouses. These come in lots of colors, which can help organize your stuff.
Cons: Not quite as posh as the other options. Too many colors can make your closet look psychedelic.


Pros: Perfect for slinky shirts, lingerie, camis, sexy little black dresses, etc. because these won't snag or tear delicate, silky fabric.
Cons: Super-bulky, cumbersome and expensive.

Pros: Non-slip fabric on these keeps garments from slipping and protects delicate fabrics. And they have a very slim profile.
Cons: Not as sturdy as wood or metal.

And if you really want a creative closet, check out the many new & different hangers out there:

1. Chick childrens' hangers @ Decor Craft. 2. Orgo hangers by Normann Copenhagen @ Nova 68, $30/set of 2. 3. Huggable Hangers by Joy Mangano @ Target, from $19/combo pack. 4. Zilka hangers made from recycled newsprint @ Matteria, 10. 5. Wire motif hangers @ Hangers, $25/set of 12. 6. Ape Hangers @ Our Children's Gorilla. 7. Pick-up wood hangers @ Alain Berteau Designworks. 8. Bandana-wrapped hangers DIY instructions @ Country Living, (slide 19/27). 9. Knitted hangers by Strikk @ Etsy, $10/set of 2.

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