Nook: Tour Table by Gae Aulenti


Tour Table by Gae Aulenti

This is table was designed by Italian architect and designer Gae Aulenti for FontanaArte, and it's a very chic and high-end piece. It costs over $6,000, which probably has something to do with Aulenti's stellar credentials (She's best known for designing the gorgeous Musee d'Orsay in Paris.)

We wonder if handy folks might be able to craft an equally cool and far more affordable DIY version.
@ Hive Modern, $6,240


Nerea said...

funny! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Aulenti's credentials aside, wasn't this design and exhibited the 70's - seems like an exact retread of a design shown at California Design 9 (at PDC, Blue Whale soon after it opened in West Hollywood, 73, 74?)

Brian Douglas, Los Angeles

Sucasa said...

@ Brian,
Thanks for the comment. I Googled "California Design 9"after reading it and tried to get more info, but couldn't find much out. If you have more info about this original design, please post it in another comment.

I'd definitely like to know if this is just an expensive rip-off!

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