Nook: Hi + Lo: Oak Farmhouse Tables


Hi + Lo: Oak Farmhouse Tables

High: Bigfoot Table @ Hive Modern, $5,940-$10,900
Low: Big Sur Dining Table @ Crate & Barrel, $1,500-$1,800

The holidays always makes us yearn for a massive, modern farmhouse table that is sized to feed a crowd. Both of these striking tables are made from oak slabs and have a minimalist and rustic look that will remain in style for the all the Thanksgivings to come. Best of all, they are remarkably similar, despite the huge difference in price.

The Bigfoot table (top) comes in several lengths, starting from almost six feet and extending to nearly 12 feet. The Big Sur (bottom) comes in two sizes, just over five feet and seven-and-a-half feet.

Corner close-ups: Bigfoot (l) and Big Sur (r)

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