Nook: Sushi Collection from Edward Van Vliet


Sushi Collection from Edward Van Vliet

We predict -- or hope, anyway -- that Edward Van Vliet's fantastic Sushi Collection will inspire designers to start playing with mismatched fabrics and patterns. The Dutch designer creates graphic, mix-and-match textiles in yummy color palettes, then pairs them with simple, clean-lined furniture.

This bright collection is made by Italian furniture company, Moroso, and the top photo is an overhead view of Van Vliet's collection for their dreaming box installation. He's said that he named it Sushi because the combination of fabrics, embroideries and patterns are a 'wrapping' that lets people create a dish of their choice. We think it's delicious.

[Sushi block seat combinations, via Designboom]
[Joy balls and Sushi block seats]

[Karmakoma couch and pouffes]

[Close-up of a fabric from Sushi collection, via Designboom]

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