Nook: 360º Hologram Suspension Light by Ingo Maurer


360º Hologram Suspension Light by Ingo Maurer

This is, quite simply, an amazing light fixture. It's called the Wo Bist Du, Edison? (which we think translates into: Where are you, Edison?) and it's a one-of-kind production designed by Ingo Maurer, creator of this gorgeous pendant lamp.

It's made using more than 2,000 frames from a cine-film sequence, which are then transferred by laser onto a special hologram film. The process takes 12 hours and is carried out at night when conditions are calm because the slightest vibration could disturb the delicate image transfer process.

Here's an explanation of the process:

The light bulb motif is stored in the film as an ultra-thin crystalline layer in which literally billions of microprisms refract the halogen light in such a way that the virtual image is recomposed as a visual whole.
It's one of the most techn0-savvy lights we've seen, and like all things on the bleeding edge, it comes with a staggering price tag.
@ Panik, £4,790 (about $8,000)


Benedita said...


Very diferent!! Love it! I like very much Ingo ideas...all the time inovates...:)

Check out DELIGHTFULL, they also have great works...hope you enjoy it!!

Nathalie said...

Thank's for the tip, I visit the pages and they are incredable brands, both of them!
The lighting of Delightfull are gorgeous. I will search up more information about this brands!
Love It!

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