Nook: Gifts for Medical Professionals, Pill Pushers and Hypochondriacs


Gifts for Medical Professionals, Pill Pushers and Hypochondriacs

Above: The Hypochondriac's Pocket Guide to Horrible Diseases You Probably Already Have is a satiric guide about horrible, but very rare, diseases.

Our Rx for hard-to-shop-for people continues with these ideas for the medically-oriented friends and family in your life.

We rounded up all kinds of gifts (well, stocking-stuffers) to suit all types. Some are useful (a special cup and dish as a reminder to take your medicine, an eye chart to know it's time for bifocals), sweet (cute gel packs for bruises, sock monkey blankie), gross (scabby bandages), helpful (first aid kit, cozy hot water bottle) or very, very concerned (a Yes, You're Probably Dying wheel -- because laughter has medical value too.) Best of all, each of our finds is under $100.

1. Porcelain apple (not that you want to keep your doc friends away) @ the Curiosity Shoppe, $80. 2. Heather Lins Home eyechart pillow @ Supermarket, $95. 3. Help Remedies' packets@ Help I Need Help, $4.4. Mr. Happy, Little Miss Helper and Mr. Bump gel packs for bumps & bruises @ Design Warehouse, $ 5. Sock Monkey blankie @ Uncommon Goods, $40. 6. Black and white apothecary bathroom accessories @ Pottery Barn, from $14. 7. Alpaca hot water bottle @ DWR, $70.

1. Medicine box @ Blue Ribbon General Store, $27. 2. 'Pills' that expand into towels @ Blue Ribbon General Store, $6. 3. Happy Pills candy for a Barcelona candy store (not available in the U.S.), but it's an easy DIY idea. 4. Scab and Ouch! bandages @ Perpetual Kid, $4. 5. Pills dish and cup @ Fishs Eddy, from $4. 6. 3oz. kitchen measuring cup @ Blue Ribbon General Store, $5. 7. Graduated cylinders @Anthropologie, from $8. 8.
Chocolate Pills @ Prezzybox, £5.

Books and games that are essential reading for any hypochondriac or pill pushers.

What is Your Poo Telling You?, The Complete Manual of Things that Might Kill You,Yes, You're Probably Dying and Therapy Flashcards

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