Nook: Glass Installations by Steffen Dam


Glass Installations by Steffen Dam

Danish artist Steffen Dam started his career as an industrial glass-maker who became increasingly enamored with the 'flaws' of glass, such as unwanted air bubbles, fissures, ash marks, soot and similar errors.

It inspired him to start creating these amazing glass blocks and displays, which started, he explains in his artist's statement by 'making glass all "wrong" in an attempt to capture the good in the bad. Out of these experiments came the Fossils, Plants and other objects - like frozen extracts of chaos to be watched undisturbed.'

These pieces, which are entirely made by manipulating standard glass flaws -- resemble pseudo-specimens of sea creatures, plants, cells and biopsy slides to create what is best-described (by the folks at Cool Hunting) as an otherworldly biology lab. Dam's work can be seen at the Heller Gallery in Manhattan.
[via Design Therapy]

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