Nook: Hi + Lo: Glass Link Chandeliers


Hi + Lo: Glass Link Chandeliers

High: Giogali Chandelier @ DWR, $2,100

The first two chandeliers may look identical, but investing in a genuine Giogali Chandelier is very different from buying a look-alike. That's because the real thing was designed by Italian architect Angelo Mangiarotti in 1967 and it's made with handblown Murano glass. It's considered a classic, and vintage pieces can fetch upwards of $3,500 at an auction.

However, if collecting and re-selling antiques isn't really your thing (which probably the case for 99.9 percent of us), the Links Chandelier offers the same flexibility as its counterpart. It's customize-able, as you can hang the links in an length or pattern you like. There's also a new rectangular-shaped version now available at West Elm, even though the links are fixed in position.

Low: Glass Links Chandelier @ Z Gallerie, $299

Low: Glass Link Chandelier @ West Elm, $299

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