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Hi+Lo: Vintage-Style Metal Headboards

High: Boho Iron Headboard @ Sundance, $1,895/queen

I'm sure that on close inspection, it's easy to see that the Boho iron bed frame has details that set it apart from its inexpensive counterpart. For one thing, it's wrought iron with a two-tone brass/black finish. The Bonita frame, by contrast, is made from foundry-poured aluminum with a copper finish. The Boho bed has shell castings which adorn a crossbar, while the Bonita has some detailing (jaguars? flowers?) that's nearly impossible to make out in from these photos.

Still, both have a old-world, 'found-in-the-attic' charm. And both make me want to put on flannel pjs, snuggle under a heavy homemade quilt and revisit fairy tales, because I always imagined that Little Red Riding Hood or Goldilocks' three bears had beds that looked exactly like these.

Low: Bonita Metal Headboard @ Amazon, $224/queen

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