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Tête-à-Tête Benches

Tête-à-tête loveseats are designed for only one thing: intimate conversations. This where girlfriends gossip in hushed tones, confidences are exchanged, state secrets are revealed and sweet nothings are whispered. Their name, in fact, comes from a French phrase for intense conversations (literal translation: 'head-to-head'). These unique couches had their heyday back when women wore bustles and took turns about the room.

Today, of course, they are completely impractical. They're hard situate in a room. They only accommodate two people. It's not easy to snuggle up together and watch a DVD. Still, don't you just love the idea of cocoon-like space to share secrets? Shown here are antiques, as well as modern interpretations of an antique idea.

Above, clockwise from top: Dupont Corian rocker by Laurie Becker @ Outdoors Gallery. Conversation chair by Phillip Madden, via Design Boom. Flamenco @ Soma Sofas. Veuve Cliquot loveseat designed by Karim Rashid via Apartment Therapy. Conversation chair by Ana Linares Design @ Supermarket, $4,800.

Clockwise, from top left: Cowhide, leather and mahogany @ HG Designs, $1,253. Pinwheel @ Soma Sofas. Antique 'bis a bis,' circa 1860 @ Jan's & Co. French Antiques. 19th century antique designed by John Belter @ Metropolitan Musem of Art. Manhattan loveseat @ Soma Sofas.


Alicia said...

Ana Linares green Conversation chair is so clever! Great design!!

Rachel said...

I must found a house that allows for the use of one of these chairs. It's a moral imperative.

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