Nook: Ty DIY Shower Curtain


Ty DIY Shower Curtain

Skylines. Octopi. Monsters.
These are just a few quick ideas that popped to mind as possible ways I might design my own shower curtain. But, as you can see from some ideas above, anything -- from slogans to laundry lines -- look pretty cool. It could also be a fun way to keep kids from drawing on the walls.
The Ty curtain comes with a permanent marker that lets you customize your own design. It's made from eco-friendly, white #2 plastic shower curtain. The material ensure that it won't off-gas in your home, and it's more likely to resist mold and mildew. It's also recyclable, when (and if) you're ready to part with your masterpiece.
@ Blue Ribbon General Store, $33

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