Nook: Forensic Pillows from Lost City


Forensic Pillows from Lost City

Blood spatter and trace evidence may not seem like a source of design inspiration, but fortunately the folks at Lost City thought otherwise.

I've been a big fan of Lost City fabrics for a while now. Their sophisticated textiles are brilliantly hand-embroidered by skilled Indian craftspeople. Since I'm also a big fan of Dexter, the Showtime series about a serial killer/forensic specialist, it's no surprise that I'm loving these pillows.

That said, I can see how grisly designs based on blood, guts and hair samples might be a disturbing way to accent a sofa.
@ Lost City Products, from $285 on sale for $199


Anonymous said...

It currently on sale for $199

Su said...

Thanks for the update, Anon

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