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James Modern Terrariums

It's probably fairly simple to set up a terrarium, but fairly complicated to create one that looks genuinely picturesque. Enter Jeffrey James, a terrarium wizard who is willing to craft a gorgeous, made-to-order version just for you. You pick the vessels and plants, and he creates a one-of-kind terrariums. Or, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty, he'll put together a DIY kit to assemble yourself.

Since my thumbs are a hopelessly weak shade of green, I'd leave it to James. He bases his designs on Taoist principles of scale, shape, texture and size to create these perfect miniature landscapes. All his pieces look great, but the cylinder (shown below) really caught my eye. It features colorful, carnivorous plants that look far more sweet than blood-thirsty. To see other great-looking terrariums, here's a link to our previous round-up.
@ Etsy, from $300
[via btld]

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