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Trend Spy: Animal Speakers

This funny little speaker is designed by Matteo Cibo (who's also brought us the Domsai space men terrariums). Called the Hi Fido, this ceramic system features a 150-watt speaker. The dog head (or lack thereof) looks like the pup has just come back from the vet with a cone it's poor little head -- a sight that always makes people smile and go, 'aww...' A limited edition of 50 will be available in April.
Coming soon @ gSelect.

Woofer Speakers @ Generate Design, $1,409

This oddball design ethos continues with another headless, dog-shaped speaker. Designer Sander Mulder came up with these polyester speakers, called Woofers (pun intended), which they swear will become your new (beheaded) best friend.

To be honest, the critter-inspired speaker trend isn't one that I fully get, but I did manage to round up a few other good-looking examples:

Pig speakers @ Generate Design, $49. Hasbro iDogs (they dance, too) @ Amazon, $48. Bow Wow speakers @ ElectroJoe's. Dragon speaker (coming soon) @ Axelsson Design.

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