Nook: What To Do With Old Perfume?


What To Do With Old Perfume?

When it comes to spring cleaning, I try to stick by a simple rule: If I haven't used something in the past year, it's time to sell it, donate it or throw it out. But each year, I'm stumped by bottles of old perfume.
They aren't the kind of thing you donate, but still too aromatic to toss out. After a bit of online research, here's what I found:


Most homemade bath salt recipes -- like this one from a site named Picnic -- call for essential oils and perfume is generally a fine substitute.


Place a few drops of perfume in a pan with some water and simmer gently for an herbal steam. Toss in some petals for a stronger scent and the fragrance should permeate your home.

Another common suggestion is to use old perfume to revive potpourri. Since many of us don't use potpourri, I spritzed some onto a few collections of rocks and beach glass I display in glass containers in lieu of flowers and twigs. It worked reasonably well, but dissipated quickly.

I've also wondered if its a possible to put reeds in a bottle of perfume to diffuse the fragrance. Has anyone tried it? How did it work?

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